Nurturing Posts

Get more done with Retailsphere's Pipeline Tasks

Recent updates to Retailsphere’s task management tools make getting more done in your day even easier. While our Pipeline Management has allowed you to create tasks for a while, we recently made updates that help you stay on top of everything you need to accomplish to close more deals, more quickly.  Easy Reordering Don’t depend […]

How to prove your worth to shopping center clients

Are you a commercial real estate agent trying to prove your worth to your shopping center clients? With Retailsphere’s CRM, it's as simple as pulling a report. As the Covid-19 pandemic stretches on, the traditional way of researching and reaching out to prospective retailers has changed. You can’t get in your car and drive around […]

5 Reasons you need a Commercial Real Estate CRM

You may be realizing you’ve missed several outreach opportunities. Or you have so many tenant prospects in your rolodex that a few of them haven't heard from you in weeks (or even months). Even worse, you find you’re spending more time on looking for prospect and client information instead of actually using that information.  Whether […]
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