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The Retail Boom is Here (Really!)

It’s been a long, tough road back for the retail sector, which struggled even before COVID-19 accelerated consumers’ reliance on e-commerce. But with weaker players purged — and landlords right-sizing rents — for the first...

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Tips for taking your CRE canvassing online

While canvassing has always been an integral part of the commercial real estate prospecting process, COVID really has changed everything, including how many people start their research. With various shut downs as a result of...

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Expanding Retailers in Ohio

Home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, its own unique brand of barbecue, and plenty of other tourist attractions, we all know Ohio is way more than cornfields. But when you take a...

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Top 5 Food Halls to Fill Retail Space

Food halls are trending. If you’ve never heard of a food hall, don’t be so quick to pass it off as your everyday food court, because they’re so much more than that. Food halls are...

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A Retail Profile: 5 Wits

You walk into an ancient tomb lit only by your flashlight. Ominous hieroglyphs fill the walls, and as you move further inside, booby traps spring to life and the adventure begins to unfold.  This isn’t the...

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