Better manage deals, reporting, contacts, and more with Retailsphere's painless Pipeline Management tools.

Retailsphere’s Pipeline Management has been custom built for the CRE industry and is integrated into our database, which means you can onboard quicker, connect your data directly, and actually save yourself time.

Pipeline Management tools built for the retail real estate industry.

For Leasing Teams

Find and research potential retailers for your vacancies. Connect them with deals and start your outreach process.

For Landlord Reps

Analyze expanding retailers in your area and nurture a relationship so they can see the benefits of your spaces first hand.

For Tenant Reps

Connect your retailers to spaces, reach out to their leasing team or owner, and work towards a signed lease and move in date with ease.
See it in Action

Track your activity and create custom reports.

Every action you take can be tracked in the Retailsphere Pipeline. Log outreach and take notes on your conversations. And export custom reports to show your landlord or rep the work you’ve been doing to get the right retailer into the right space.
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Set up tasks and events so you never lose track of your next steps.

Create tasks from within retailer profiles, deals, or your stored contact cards. Want to schedule another outreach or connect on site? Simple create and send calendar invites from within the platform. Never miss another chance to connect and push your deals closer to closing.
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Use Retailsphere’s concierge research team to initiate conversations and confirm current contacts for brands.

Make the most of your time. Submit requests to our concierge research team and let them gather key demographic information and confirm contact information for you. Once complete, your report shows up right inside of the Pipeline Management platform where you can add them to a list for outreach or create a new deal.
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