Automate and manage your outreach with Retailsphere.

Retailsphere’s built in tools allow you to cut out repetitive tasks you traditionally do manually by letting our system do them for you. It’s simple and saves you time by automating more of your process.

What if you were able to:

Reach out to the right regional contact at national brands and get a quicker response to inquiries.
Connect directly with franchisors and expanding franchisees in your area.
Have a direct conversation with managers at regional businesses that you want to bring to your location.
Speak with owners of local mom and pop stores the first time you reach out to the brand.

With Retailsphere all of this is possible, and all at the same time through our automation and marketing tools built specifically for CRE.

See it in Action

Built in emailing cuts down on time you spend reaching out to prospects.

Simply integrate your email provider with Retailsphere’s CRM and start leveraging lists to reach out to the right contacts throughout your sales process.
Start by bulk emailing prospects identified during your research and analysis
Attach flyers or other documents to emails from within our platform.
As you move prospects further through your pipeline, utilize email templates to speed up email interactions.
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Use cadences to increase productivity and win more deals.

Its time to take the guesswork out of your sales pipeline. With cadences, you can guide yourself and your team through the sales process, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
Set up multi-channel steps throughout the sales journey and utilize Retailsphere’s customizable templates to authentically engage with your customers.
Sales emails and texting can be generated directly from the Retailsphere platform and sent to groups of prospects or individuals - always customized for them.
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Start leveraging SMS and Social to build retailer relationships.

More than ever, retailers are turning to texting and social media messaging. Know what channel retailers respond best to and connect with them there from the Retailsphere platform.
Send custom texts from within Retailsphere using customizable templates.
Link out to Facebook messaging with pre-populated messaging to improve response rates.
Link to Instagram to send DMs to the brands you want to attract.
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