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Retailsphere helps Pavilion Development streamline process

Pavilion Development has looked for ways to fill 10,000 square foot or less, build-to-suit spaces for single tenants for over 20 years. Rich Davies, owner and founder, saw this necessary niche while working in the industrial sector for the first part of his career.  And while things have certainly changed over the years, Marguerite Ogilvie, […]

The Retail Void: Creative Ways to Fill Empty Spaces

Brick and mortar retail was already in a delicate balance in years past trying to tip the scales in their favor versus online retail. Required store closures in early spring as a result of a deadly virus blasted physical retail’s hope to restore fortune in its favor. To combat the brick and mortar crisis, retailers […]

Understanding Franchises: Why Retailsphere spends time making sure our profile data is right

Whether you are backfilling a vacant big box, or attempting to lease up your just-opened regional lifestyle center, finding and securing the right tenant for your space can be a challenging process.  Specifically, the desire to attract franchises to your shopping center once required a great deal of research and legwork to gather enough information […]

How Retailsphere helps Hyatt Commercial Get Ahead

Known as the "local [commercial real estate] experts" in Southern Maryland, Hyatt Commercial is taking the retail industry to the next level through an entrepreneurial spirit, hard-work, and a team dedicated to finding the right tenants for their clients each time.For decades, Hyatt has focused on building long term relationships, delivering the best possible service […]

Is Covid-19 a force majeure event for leases?

A force majeure clause is a provision that excuses one or both parties from its obligations under a contract when circumstances arise outside of the control of the party, and make fulfilling the terms of the contract impractical or impossible. Given the longevity of the Covid-19 pandemic, many are asking if it could be viewed […]
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