Retail Technology Reinvented

RetailSphere reinvents retail technology through a comprehensive set of in-store retail, e-commerce, mobile and social technologies.

RetailSphere enables retailers to engage and connect with consumers in a variety of ways never imagined before, thereby revolutionizing the shopping experience.

Retail App

Mobile Commerce

Our secure wallet technology consisting of mobile payment, location aware coupons, virtualized rewards/loyalty cards simplify shopping immensely.

No more fumbling around for your loyalty card, or clipping coupons. And you can even leave your wallet at home. It is all in your phone.

Mobile Commerce

Store Check-in

Check in technology built with the retailer in mind enables retailers to customize a unique shopping experience for their clientele.

Unlike competing technologies, our Check-In technology connects the dots for the retailer while preserving the viral effects of social media.

Store Check-in

Location Aware Couponing

Our multi-channel coupons are offered smart. Real Smart. You can get them on phones, over SMS, on Social Media, on the web, via Twitter, and more.

They are contextual, they are location aware and offer numerous methods of redemption for easy integration with existing Point of Sale systems.

Location Aware Couponing


Imagine your retail store reinvented using state of the art technology. Track hotspots in your store - which aisles are attracting traffic and which are not.

Retailers can now collect valuable data on how shoppers navigate the aisles. This enables them to improve the placement of products and optimize yields.

IQ Zones


The future is here with IQ Cart. Shoppers can now interact with retailers through their shopping carts.

This can result in a faster, more convenient trip to the department store or supermarket.

Offers, promotions and coupons can now be pushed more effectively working in conjunction with our IQZone and IQShelf products.

IQ Cart

IQ Vending

IQ Vending is a cloud based system for touch screen vending machines. The systems enable the dispensing of items e.g. soda cans, electronics, food items through a touch screen interface. Payment can be process over mobile devices using state of the art wallet technologies, SMS based payment and more.

IQ Vending


Smart tags in the form of QR Codes, and NFC enable retailers to share information with consumers to enable them to make informed decisions.

Tags can be used for product literature, product promotions, and even payment.

IQ tags

AR Shopping

Using Augmented Reality, consumers can now imagine how a shade of lip gloss may appear without having to apply it!

The power of AR is finally here, and its uses and applications in retail are endless. Make shopping fun, exciting and cost effective through our AR technology.

AR Shopping

Tablet Catalogs

Paper catalogs are a thing of the past. No more expensive printing and shopping charges.

With our Tablet Catalogs, you can reach customers with a Catalog that always stays up to date. The apps get up to date changes, enable consumers to browse products, place orders and more.

Ipad Catalog

Daily Deal

Want to promote a product or push slow moving merchandise or get rid of that perishable inventory. Well, the RetailSphere Daily Deal technology can make that happen for you the Retailer.

We offer numerous features including unlimited zones, Main Offer/Sub Offers, a dashboard with all the available Daily Deal inventory, offer scheduling, yield management and more.

Daily Deal

Social Commerce

Leverage social media to not only to create awareness but to move merchandise,

Through our dotViral technology coupled with the Retailer's existing E-Commerce infrastructure or our cloud based Magento systems, retailers can operate an entire storefront or use social sites as a means to promote window shopping and drive traffic to their web storefronts.

Social Commerce

Quick ResponseTV

Move over HSN and QVC. Retailers can now create your own TV channel on Connected TV with our QRTV product. Create unlimited categories of products, include images, text and video to promote your products.

Integrate mobile commerce seamlessly with our Mobile Commerce product to showcase your store on the big screen.

Quick ResponseTV

Marketing and CRM

Marketing and Promotion are the lifeblood of any retailer. Get the buzz started via our multi channel approach. We support Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Email, IVR and more.

Have customized messaging through our message templating technology. And schedule campaigns conveniently through our scheduler.

Revitalize your campaigns with RetailSphere!

Marketing and CRM
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In-Store Retail

Bridging Bricks and Clicks

Our technologies include advanced hardware and software that components that can engage customers while helping retailers collect valuable data on shopping patterns of consumers.


Web, Mobile and Social

E-Commerce is no longer just the web. It is mobile and social. It is phones, tablets, connected TV and telematics. We cover the gamut and extend the reach of retailers in multiple ways.

Backoffice Retail

We know what's under the hood.

We integrate with most backoffice systems (ERP, CRM, Accounting) to provide retailers with a seamless technology substrate to help grow their business.


Scalable Cloud Based Solution

Retailsphere runs on a cloud computing infrastructure and is massively scalable.

Easy to Administer and Setup

Retailsphere works over the Internet with no software to install, and is easy to use.

Multichannel Platform

Retailsphere solutions engage consumers via the web, smartphones, SMS, tablets, connected TV and connected vehicles.

Powerful Analytics

Retailsphere provides businesses with reporting and analytics to obtain insights..