Stay out of Email Jail with Retailsphere™

September 15, 2023

Retailsphere™ email security protocols keep users from being blacklisted and out of email jail.

Holladay, UT – Retailsphere, the largest data provider to the retail commercial real estate industry, and the only CRE specific sales enablement and customer relationship management solution, is keeping companies out of email jail and helping customers with email deliverability and a better reputation.

The best way to stay out of email jail is to join a platform who values your email reputation. The email functionality within Retailsphere is powered by Nylas. Nylas is a well-established, US-based company with hundreds of enterprise customers. 

Granting the ability to sign in and read user profiles is a common requirement for applications that need to authenticate users and access their profile information. This scope is considered safe since you will be authenticating with Nylas, who adheres to the most rigorous security and compliance.

During onboarding, our customer success team goes over best practices that result in better email deliverability and reputation with Microsoft.

“We have the best customer and client success teams who help users through our email automation process and best practices,” Ken Brown, vice president of sales. “The thing is, we truly value our clients and understand how important email reputation truly is in the industry.”

Within the Retailsphere™ platform and email automation, the user is building the lists of people to email, so they are in control of how many people they email and when they are emailed. During onboarding we show users how to build very targeted lists ideal for specific messaging. We do not encourage “email blasts” and instead urge users to be more selective.

For new customers we set a daily email limit of 100 emails per day which we have found protects our users email accounts while still allowing them to “warm up” their email account should they choose to go beyond that set limit. Additionally we schedule an email to send at 1pm, you will still see some continue to send minutes later depending on the number of recipients.

With the 3 points above in practice, we do not see ESP’s shutting down or blacklisting accounts. We monitor email feature analytics and can alert users if we feel they may be sending too many emails per day.

For an additional layer of protection - Microsoft admins can specify outgoing email limits for users within their Microsoft admin. Even though Microsoft enables this functionality, they also point out that it could break their terms of service in some scenarios.

Emails are sent 30 seconds apart, which  protects your email account and keeps in compliance with email server regulations.

The Retailsphere platform includes the world’s largest database of decision makers related to retail commercial real estate, but also includes marketing automation and relationship management tools, not to mention the abundance of data and retail expansion details.

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2019, Retailsphere™ is the best all-in-one platform for prospecting, analyzing, and understanding data within the retail industry. Our industry leading database includes information on large national brands, exciting regional concepts, and small local trendsetters. Plus, our simple CRM and outreach automation helps CRE pros act quickly and strategically. Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career. Retailsphere™ is modernizing the way the retail industry connects.

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