Roth Real Estate Group Achieves 30% Close Rate for New Leases with Retailsphere

January 29, 2021

Using Retailsphere’s platform, company boosts lead generation during Pandemic Slump

With 60 years of experience and an iron-clad reputation as a company that delivers, Roth Real Estate Group figured out how to win big in real estate—that is until the effects of the worldwide pandemic hit their Columbus, Ohio business. Faced with new challenges that made it harder than ever to find suitable retail tenant leads for their commercial vacancies, Roth RE turned to Retailsphere, the world’s most comprehensive retail tenant database and CRM, to fill up their pipeline and improve their chances of closing deals.

The technology that Retailsphere makes available through their exclusive platform resulted in over 100 new, well-matched contacts to Roth RE’s pipeline, a 30% close rate on new leases initiated, and new research on more than 75 national brands that could become future tenants by utilizing Retailsphere’s research request feature. In addition, Roth RE was able to find information that helped them become more competitive with coveted, local, multi-unit tenants.

By leveraging their own real estate portfolio with that of Retailsphere’s powerful platform that dates back to the founder’s research at MIT, Roth RE was able to rise against the pandemic slowdown and close more deals with high-quality tenant prospects garnered from Retailsphere. Speaking on their ability to build trust with potential tenants, Carter Stephens, Commercial Real Estate Advisor for Roth, commented, “the fact that we own 18 shopping centers eases the concerns a property owner may have because we know the challenges of being a property owner. We can sit at the same side of the table as them and understand their needs because we have the same needs.”

According to the Roth RE group, they were not expecting immediate results from signing on with Retailsphere, yet that is exactly what they received. In addition to growing their prospect list during the continuing pandemic, Roth also leveraged the platform’s retail leasing search data to streamline their operations. Using Retailsphere, they were able to add retail tenant data to their company CRM with the click of a button, creating a seamless connection to their established email and phone leasing sequences for ongoing marketing.

In addition to these benefits, Roth also noted that they appreciated Retailsphere’s personalized service whenever their team could not find the retail information they needed. Stephens noted that he could easily “submit a research request for retailer information and the Retailsphere team always gets back to [him]. It's great to have other people finding the information that we need to follow up with all of these brands.”

About Retailsphere

Retailsphere provides more comprehensive retailer data and retail-related news than any other platform available in the industry. Retailsphere’s retailer profiles give shopping center owners, leasing executives, and commercial real estate brokers the data they need to analyze the market and make strategic business decisions when approaching potential tenants. By leveraging the data made available to them, Retailsphere customers can identify, connect with, and ultimately sign leases with better tenants. Founded in 2018, Retailsphere has more accurate data in dozens of metro areas across the United States than any other database. Retail insights from every angle.

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