Retailsphere’s Void Analysis will save users hours

April 29, 2022

Retailsphere adds void analysis to the platform, giving users the ability to cut prospecting by hours and fill vacancies seamlessly.

Holiday, UT (April 29, 2022) – Retailsphere, the largest data provider to the retail commercial real estate industry, and the only CRE specific sales enablement and customer relationship management solution, announced today, that it added void analysis to the platform.

“Void Analysis is literally going to save users so much time,” said Michael McKean, the company’s founder. “By definition, a void analysis process takes all existing categories and geo-codes them to the map, then compares the mapped businesses to a category list and then generates the list of those businesses not represented on the map. That can take hours. We can do it in minutes now.”

The Retailsphere platform includes the world’s largest database of decision makers related to retail commercial real estate, but also includes marketing automation and relationship management tools, not to mention the abundance of data and retail expansion details.

“One example of the power of void analysis: we walked through it with an existing client by locating their existing stores and then adding in the competitors, “said Kenny Brown, Vice President of Sales “We were searching for a particular use, one already deemed desirable within the property and then mapped out whether the fit looked right for the subject’s tenant and gained intelligence as to where that tenant’s direct competitors were located. In about a minute we had an intuitive hit. “They were blown away with the results!”

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2019, Retailsphere is the best all-in-one platform for prospecting, analyzing, and understanding data within the retail industry. Our industry leading database includes information on large national brands, exciting regional concepts, and small local trendsetters. Plus, our simple CRM and outreach automation helps CRE pros take action quickly and strategically. Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career. Retailsphere is modernizing the way the retail industry connects.

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