Retailsphere’s™ Top 10 Medtail Brands in the Mountain West

September 20, 2023

With Over 24,000 medtail concepts in the Retailsphere database, Retailsphere™ outlines why Medtail is one of the hottest vacancy fillers for shopping centers.

Holladay, UT – Why not turn an empty Bed Bath and Beyond space into a regional clinic for Intermountain Health Care? Or why not turn it into a sports fitness, physical therapy, or rehabilitation center?

Medtail concepts usually have long term leases with repeat clients for those concepts.

There are dozens of sub-categories of medtail. They’d make compelling tenants - long leases - would pay similar rents (or higher) to national retail brands??

Here are the Top 10 Medtail brands in the Mountain West: 

  1. Perfect Teeth
  2. Orthodontic Experts
  3. The Vision Source
  4. Rhodes Physical Therapy-
  5. Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics
  6. Supplemental Healthcare
  7. Genesis Dental
  8. Therapydia
  9. Southwest Spine and Pain Center
  10. Premier Hearing


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