RetailSphere’s™ Activity Page skillfully fuses team reporting, activity and leaderboard to Pipeline

February 23, 2024

Accelerate Deal Velocity with RetailSphere’s Pipeline designed to rev up team activities

Holladay, UT  – RetailSphere’s Pipeline CRM™ now supports  all activity types across a team, limitless reporting and  leaderboard for tracking success.

RetailSphere’s™ latest updates place enhanced reporting and team transparency with a sophisticated activities feed at the forefront, and a leaderboard designed to drive production and organized metrics inside a team.

The updates, which are live now to RetailSphere™ users are the latest to hit the RetailSphere platform that will both enhance reporting and giving teams success metrics to build the ultimate pipeline.

Among the updates for reporting and tracking:

  • Enhanced Reporting and Team Transparency:
    • Introduction of a sophisticated activities feed and leaderboard.
    • Designed to enhance production and organize metrics within teams.
  • Improved Activity Tracking:
    • Provides insights into team activities over various timeframes.
    • Activity posts now display associated entities for quick context and access

Meeting activity gets a boost as well with a variety of ways to for both administrators and teams to measure success and track upcoming events:

  • Meeting Activity Integration:
    • Scheduled meetings displayed in the activity feed.
    • Keeps team members informed about upcoming events.
    • Note types customizable by administrators for tailored tracking.

Filtering, reports and Leaderboard tabs get a masterful boost and provide immediate visual insights:

  • Updated Filters and Metrics Display:
    • Enhanced filters including new Accounts filter and specific date selection.
    • Metrics display at the top offers insights into key performance indicators.
  • Reports and Leaderboard Tabs:
    • Reports tab for quick access to commonly exported reports.
    • Leaderboard tab for viewing metrics by teammate, providing insights into individual performance.

"These updates represent a significant advancement for our platform, empowering retail professionals to streamline their workflow, gain valuable insights, and drive greater success," said Mike McKean, founder of RetailSphere. "We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users and enable them to achieve their objectives."

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