Retailsphere™ makes Accounts Functionality Universal on Platform

September 7, 2023

Notetaking, messaging, sharing of notes and touches with contacts gets robust update with latest product release.

Retailsphere™, the largest data provider to the retail commercial real estate industry, and the only CRE specific sales enablement and customer relationship management solution, announced today, with the latest robust product update, accounts functionality is now universal, with notetaking, messaging, sharing of notes and touches with contacts all enabled.

“This is a monster update for our users,” said Ken Brown, vice president of sales. “Accounts and Notes enhancement will simplify the CRM workflow for clients. I hate using the word ‘gamechanger’ but it truly is a robust update.”


A key feature of this update is the ability to seamlessly add accounts to your pipeline from company or retailer profiles. Regular users can now easily click the "Add to your pipeline" button, while admin users gain the flexibility to select an owner directly from the dropdown menu.

Adding individual accounts has also been made more efficient. From the "Accounts" page, users can click the "Add an Account" button, which opens a pop-up window to input account details. The system automatically identifies matching entities from its extensive database, saving users valuable time by auto-filling related information. Users can also assign an account owner and set an account status at this stage.

For those dealing with large lists of accounts, the platform now supports the import of account data using spreadsheets. From the "Accounts" section, users can click the "Import" button and proceed to match columns from their sheet to fields in Retailsphere™. The system helps resolve conflicts and facilitates corrections before finalizing the import.

The comprehensive list of account fields available for import includes Account Name, Account Type, Website, HQ State, General Email, General Phone, social media URLs, Account Status, Account Owner, and Notes.

If a matching entity is not found in the database when adding accounts, a submission is automatically sent to the data team, ensuring the integrity of the information within the system.

Account statuses play a pivotal role in managing accounts effectively. Users can easily set and change account statuses in two ways: by clicking on an individual account and selecting the status in the "Account Summary" field or by selecting multiple accounts and using the "Change Status" option in the bulk actions menu. Admin users have the additional capability to customize the list of available statuses for their team.

Ownership is a key aspect of account management, and Retailsphere™ has enhanced this process. Account owners are automatically assigned based on the user who adds the account, simplifying collaboration and task assignment. Owners can change account details, invite collaborators, and claim accounts.

Collaboration is further facilitated through the addition of collaborators. Anyone who adds an account after an owner has been assigned becomes a collaborator and can edit account details. Owners can easily add or remove collaborators, streamlining teamwork and information sharing.

The "Accounts" page offers an extensive overview of all accounts in the pipeline. Users can quickly access information about reach-out efforts, account ownership, and account statuses. Filters at the top of the page enable users to find specific accounts based on name, type, owner, status, and task due dates, enhancing accessibility and organization.

The "Next Reach Out" column aids users in managing follow-ups and tasks efficiently. It ensures that tasks are never overlooked and provides a convenient way to leave notes, mark tasks as complete, and specify follow-up tasks, all while tracking the communication method (e.g., call, SMS, meeting, email) used.

Privacy options are also available, allowing teams to choose between greater visibility for collaboration or more private workspaces.


Notes are a vital part of CRM, and Retailsphere™ 's update enhances note-logging capabilities across various sections, including Accounts, Contacts, Spaces, Deals, and Cadences. Users can choose to keep notes private, add attachments, use emojis, and mention team members to improve communication and information sharing.

Additionally, Retailsphere™ introduces a range of note types, such as calls, SMS messages, meetings, and emails, each with unique attributes to capture essential details. Note associations enable users to link notes to related records, providing a comprehensive view of account interactions.

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