Retailsphere identifies Top 5 Reasons Retail Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Professionals are Switching to Their Lightweight Contact Relationship Management (CRM) Platform

October 21, 2021

Innovative platform helps retail CRE professionals manage more interactions with more people using less effort

After more than a year of development, Retailsphere has released a suite of powerful, yet simple CRM tools. Tim Benzinger, Head of Product for Retailsphere stated, “After talking to our customers, it became clear a relationship management tool was critical for our customers who need a better way to utilize the data and contact information they were getting from our platform. Even more importantly, it needed to be simple to learn and adopt.”

As the product has come online, 5 clear reasons for adoption became clear:

1. Teams can see all their activities in one place. Companies want to ensure anyone can look at all logged interactions to ensure no overlap between team members and help everyone stay accountable for the things they said they’ll do. Retailsphere’s CRM already has CRE specific tasks and tools built in which has led to quicker team adoption.

2. Brokers and landlords can better manage deal flow with more visibility. A CRM can help manage the stages of retailer deal flow and take specific contacts through the process more effectively. With Retailsphere, the stages of the CRE deal flow are already built into a highly visual kanban board making every deal digestible at a glance.

3. Task and calendar integration makes time management easier. Integrating Google or Outlook calendars simplify linking tasks and events to emails or calls. Retailsphere’s CRE CRM also allows events and tasks to be linked to prospects, sites, or team members, minimizing the chances that a potential tenant is forgotten, improving retailer relationships.

4. Advanced reporting leads to better prospects, tenants, and sites. Retailsphere’s CRM includes reporting on specific prospects and spaces, activities performed to fill vacancies and to retain current tenants, giving teams more granular information on the types of activities that matter most to retail CRE businesses, right out of the box.

5. Quick access to notes leads to need-driven outreach. Retailsphere’s CRM lets you connect your prospective retailers to specific sites, track interactions, and take detailed notes. Plus, it’s linked to our extensive retailer database, fueled by researchers who keep the information up-to-date. With deals and data in one place, users have the ability to connect and understand customer needs and to speak with more authority.

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2018, Retailsphere is the best all-in-one platform for prospecting, analyzing, and understanding data within the retail industry. Our industry leading database includes information on large national brands, exciting regional concepts, and small local trendsetters. Plus, our simple CRM and outreach automation helps CRE pros take action quickly and strategically. Retailsphere is modernizing the way the retail industry connects.

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