Retailsphere completes research of ALL MUGs and their Units

December 10, 2019

Retailsphere completes primary research on thousands of multi-unit groups and the locations they manage.

Retailsphere, the world’s largest database dedicated to the retail ecosystem, has completed primary research on all multi-unit groups and their individual units across the United States.  In addition to powerful information on sizes, locations, financial statements, and credit ratings; Retailsphere data also includes information on tens of thousands of key contacts involved in site selection and real estate decisions.

The Retailsphere application represents the primary tool available for commercial real estate professionals focused on the retail segment of commercial real estate.  In addition to a database of all multi-unit groups across the United States, Retailsphere's platform includes tools to assist landlords find, target and market to tenants thriving in today's challenging retail environment.

The Retailsphere database of multi-unit groups includes information on almost 14,000 groups, and over 285,000 franchisees. These groups account for over 65 million square feet of retail space around the country and over 30,000 points of contact for these brands. Our multi-unit group database covers every retail industry, with the largest including food, clothing, and specialty brands from across the country.

About Retailsphere

Retailsphere provides more comprehensive retailer data and retail related news than any other platform available in the industry. Retailsphere’s retailer profiles give shopping center owners, leasing executives, and commercial real estate brokers the data they need to analyze the market and make strategic business decisions when approaching potential tenants. Founded in 2018, Retailsphere has more accurate data in dozens of metro areas across the United States than any other database.

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VP of Marketing & Research
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