Bankruptcies mounting in ‘Retail Apocalypse’

May 15, 2023

As Tuesday Morning and Party City lead the latest retail bankruptcies, Retailsphere continues to track and monitor the units as they close.

Holiday, UT (May 15, 2023) – Retailsphere, the largest data provider to the retail commercial real estate industry, and the only CRE specific sales enablement and customer relationship management solution, is tracking all the retail bankruptcies and each store as it closes.

According to CB insights, more than 154 retailers have filed for bankruptcy due to “executive missteps” and “pandemic related shutdowns.”

“It’s been a brutal time for retailers and with three of the biggest bank failures in US history, retailers are feeling the pressure, said Michael McKean, the company’s founder.

“Retail landlords are also feeling the occupancy pressure while maintaining optimism about the future. Many of them saw this as inevitable.”

Michael Lasser, retail analyst for UBS, told Yahoo he is expecting many more retail closures, and as many as 50,000 retail stores could close by 2027.

Retailsphere will continue to monitor the retail occupancy and bankruptcy fallout. The Retailsphere platform includes the world’s largest database of decision makers related to retail commercial real estate, but also includes marketing automation and relationship management tools, not to mention the abundance of data and retail expansion details.

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