How can you identify emerging retailers in your area?


Access to the right data is key to identifying emerging retailers in your area. You need to know not only which retailers are growing their footprint, but also what type and size of space they are seeking for new locations.

By identifying emerging retailers, you can focus your leasing efforts on the prospects that are most likely to need space.

How can you identify which national chains are growing their footprint?

Databases like Retailsphere allow landlords and their brokers to see expansion plans for thousands of retailers. These services will allow you to see how many locations a retailer plans to open in a given time period and in which geographies. A good research service will also give you the retailers’ space requirements and contacts for their leasing team.

How can you find local businesses that are expanding?

An ideal tenant mix often includes both national retailers and locally-owned businesses. Social media networks and review sites can help you keep tabs on the public sentiment and popularity of local retailers. That will help you evaluate which growing businesses may be good tenants for your center.

Retailsphere integrates social media and review site data into its database, allowing you to analyze it alongside demographic, point of sale, and other data.


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