Five Outdoor Malls with Unique Experiences

Grab your tentative planner: Either you are getting out of the house or you are planning to get out of the house in the near future. The five outdoor malls we identified are ideal destinations for open-air shopping centers with a flair for unique experiences.  

SanTan Village

Late fall and winter months range in the blissful 60-70 degree range, making the SanTan Village in Gilbert, Arizona a perfect holiday shopping getaway. The Local Love market during the holiday season, features an array of  local artisan products, live music, and take-and-make classes capitalizes on the seasonal cheer. If you happen to miss The Local Love market, the weekly Made with Love market sets up an acre of local vendors almost every Saturday from September to April. Living near or far, but just can’t make it in person? SanTan Village is hosting an ongoing Virtual Kids Club to learn more about the world around them, and how to make a difference as healthy people nurturing a healthy planet. 

Ala Moana 

Unless you are already on the Hawaiian islands or prepared to spend most of your vacation in quarantine, this destination may best be placed in the dream destinations until the infectious coronavirus settles down. That said, let’s dream together about the Ala Moana Center. The largest shopping center in Hawaii, the Ala Moana Center is all outdoor, two stories tall, well over 300 shops, and just 20 minutes from the Honolulu International Airport. On Centerstage or the Ewa Wing Stage, local performers including hula dancers and ukulele masters mesmerize on a regular basis. If the dream of being in Hawaii right now is your reality, pop into one the socially distanced and safe drive-in movies happening throughout December. 

The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg

History buffs, rejoice! The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg is just three miles away from the spot where Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address. Once you’ve satisfied your historical appetite, browse the open air shops and check out the center events. This holiday season, farm fresh Christmas trees and wreaths are waiting to be chosen to cheer up your living space. Need a little more Christmas enchantment? Take a free carriage ride down the main street filled with thousands of lights and rightly called The Land of Lights.

The Grove 

Bask in the California sun while you shop at The Grove in Los Angeles. The luxury atmosphere will make you feel like a celebrity (and maybe even chance a real celebrity sighting). If you’re close enough, make it a Family Daycation. The touch of the high end continues to their lavish, exclusive experiences, live entertainment, and limited-time pop up shops. Think it never snows in L.A.? Stroll  through The Winter Wonderland around 7pm and 8pm for scheduled snowfall. 

Ohio Station Outlets

Ready on the platform, we have a train to catch! The Ohio Station Outlets doesn’t have just any knock off, kiddie mall train. The vintage-style trains exported from England, named The Sophie and The Victoria, chug along past the rows of national brands and local shops while drinking up the Ohio breeze. Unfortunately, the train operations are on pause related to COVID-19 restrictions. Put it on your post-COVID calendar: The train is worth the wait. 

Wish your outdoor shopping mall was on this list? Are your current vacancies making it hard to keep the guests coming back for more? Let us help you find the top tenants to make your shopping center the go-to spot visitors crave. Schedule a virtual meeting with a Retailsphere team member to get started today. 

December 8, 2020
Barton Strawn

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