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Each day, RetailSphere’s on-demand research team speaks to hundreds of site selectors about their expansion plans and demographics. Here are five we talked to this week about their specific plans.

Sally Beauty Supply LLC -  Sally informed our researchers they are open to looking at locations nationwide. They are looking for Population of 3 miles - 50,000, 1,400—1,800 sq. ft. based on population and salon counts, with excellent access and visibility from shopping center. They prefer 100,000 sq. ft. shopping center anchored by at least one major tenant, i.e. major grocer, discount store, clothing or department store chain.

Rural King – After talking to our research team, Rural King said they are growing in the midwest and southeast. They are looking for 90k sq ft, non-urban locations, only purchase. They are still expanding and taking site referrals. 

Loving Hut, Inc – Loving Hut told the team they are looking to expand and are interested in Rhode Island but would like all sites sent to them for potential fit. They prefers about 2000 SF lease locations.

Wienerschnitzel Tastee Freez -  They are expanding everywhere. They are looking for 800-2100 square feet and have land requirements (freestanding & conversions): 16,000 – 45,000sf NEW Construction Freestanding: 800/sf (H1 series) no indoor dining or 1,400/sf (H2 series) with indoor dining. Conversion buildings or End-caps with Drive-Thru: 800-2,100/ sf.

Paris Baguette USA-  Our researchers were told Paris Baguette expand based on the franchisee and if you have someone interested in a particular state they will review it. They prefer 3000+ SF depending upon the Traditional or Non Traditional site preference. The newest locations are focused in NC, IL, NY, NJ, OH, PA, TX, MD, SC and VA.

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May 10, 2024
Robby Gal

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