Expanding Retailers in Oregon

As 2021 goes, so is the list of Retailers planning on expanding, even amid a global pandemic. Retailers are following trends throughout the nation of opening up, while continuing safe practices. Here are the top 5 Retailers that are going to be adding a location in Oregon this year.

1). Nike Live

Nike is a well-known brand throughout most homes, and they're looking to keep it that way with the generations to come. Nike Live is a members-only store concept and rotates the merchandise every two weeks to ensure you have the latest and greatest at your fingertips.

Nike Live tested in high traffic areas in Los Angeles to help ensure it would produce the outcome they wanted, and now they're expanding more stores in Oregon.

2). Target

Starting on the East Coast, Target has quickly become an essential on the West Coast, especially those in Oregon. The retail giant is a general retailer that sells products both in stores and online.

Target offers decor, appliances, food, office supplies, and more-- all at a reasonable price. At this moment, Target is planning widespread expansion and even with a smaller footprint. 

Oregon is among the states adding locations in 2021.

3). Shake Shack

The residents of Portland, Oregon, have been working on getting a Shake Shack for a year, and as of December 2020, it's official-- the location will be opening sometime in 2021.

The Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in New York and has grown to the modern-day version of the roadside cart-- serving their famous burgers, chicken, hotdogs, shakes, alcoholic beverages, and more.

4). Feel Good

Feel Good is a health food restaurant where the food tastes delicious. Their mission is "When you can eat something beautiful, healthy, & delicious, you feel good!" which is why it's a perfect place to treat yourself while keeping your New Year Resolutions.

Their bowls are customizable based on your preferences and your nutritional needs. Next time you're in Portland, make sure to check them out.

5). Burlington

As Sears went out of business in Portland, Oregon's shopping center, Burlington is looking to take over the location.

What started as Burlington Coat Factory has changed to Burlington-- providing product assortments from sportswear, children's apparel, baby, home, beauty, and more, all while staying true to their prices.

Overall, even though there is a pandemic, there can still be hope for retail. Retailsphere constantly does the research to verify expanding retailers as well as preferred demographics, expansion plans, and relevant and up-to-date contacts. Delve into a virtual demo with a Retailsphere professional to get a glimpse of how you could effectively fill your retail vacancies. 

April 6, 2021
Barton Strawn

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