Expanding Retailers in Ohio

Home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, its own unique brand of barbecue, and plenty of other tourist attractions, we all know Ohio is way more than cornfields. But when you take a look at the plans for retail expansion in 2021, you may just start singing “OHIO rocks!” The following 4 retailers have big plans in the state, with both public-facing and large commercial hubs coming soon. 

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works, long known for their seasonal soaps, candles, and lotions, stepped up to face the pandemic armed with gallons and gallons of scented hand sanitizers. The brand is an Ohio native, founded in Columbus. While it has recently gone through transition (locations are being separated from sister company Victoria’s Secret) and the brand did close several stores last year, it is rebounding with plans for new off-mall stores in the year ahead. 

The biggest news for Bath & Body Works in Ohio? A new 1 million-square-foot distribution center at 1022 Exchange Way in Scioto Township. 


Joining the ranks of convenience store giants like Bucc-ees and Wawa, Sheetz provides made-to-order food, specialty coffee, quality gasoline, and everything else you’d normally pick up at your local one-stop. And they’re coming in hot in Ohio. 

While this year will see the opening of 12 stores—some complete with drive-thru convenience—Sheetz has plans to open at least 50 new stores across the state over the next 3 years. 

Peloton, the at-home fitness company, went from a nice-to-have, high-end luxury to a must-have pandemic purchase in 2020. The brand, which has struggled to keep up with demand due to production facilities based in Taiwan, is striving to improve quality, speed up delivery, and decrease price. And that’s where Ohio comes in to play. 

Peloton has plans to open the Peloton Output Park, a $400 million, approximately 1-million-square foot, US factory that will produce its connected bikes and treadmills—and this new factory will be located in Troy Township, Ohio 

PINS Mechanical Co. and 16-Bit Bar + Arcade

These local entertainment darlings are known for bowling, old-school arcade games, and adult beverages. After opening their first locations in Columbus and then quickly spreading to locations across the nation, they’re now returning their focus to their home state.  

Two full floors, plus 3,000 square feet of outdoor space, will be home to the new combined gaming, dining, and bar space for the two brands at Easton Town Center. This new location will also have space for large-scale corporate events, and plans are in motion for a quick-serve dining option as well.

Interested in more info on one (or all) of these brands? Or curious to see if these Ohio favorites could work in your neck of the woods? Contact Retailsphere today for your free demo to get all the details on these expanding brands and more.

June 18, 2021
Barton Strawn

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