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CRE professionals across the US use Retailsphere to close more deals, faster.

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How our clients use Retailsphere

Leasing Teams

Close more deals, more quickly by working together as a team. Access and share retailer information, contacts, deals, and relevant notes within your team using our integrated database and pipeline management tools. Keep your entire team in the loop and share the data you need to succeed.

"Retailsphere has changed how we research and communicate with new tenants. We are saving time and we are increasing our likelihood of success."

Justin Mullin
Hyatt Commercial

"Peterson Companies has been a client of Retailsphere for nearly 12 months and find this platfrom of high value for both operating and developing property retail leasing."

Mark Kufka 
Market Research & Leasing Technology

Landlord Rep

Find the perfect retailer for your represented spaces every single time. Retailsphere gives you the power to find cool and local brands fast. And if you’re having trouble tracking down the decision-makers needed to close the deal, just contact our Concierge Research Team, and they’ll find and verify the info you need.

We're changing the retail leasing industry. Evolve with us.

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Tenant Rep

Find the right home for the next location of the brands in your portfolio. Search our database of shopping centers to identify ideal spaces and confirm they meet all your needs. Our platform allows you to narrow down your searches quickly, so finding the right spot is a snap. Take the guesswork out of your expansion plan with Retailsphere.

"Retailsphere has been a great addition to my leasing tookit. Retailsphere has helped create a more efficient process to contract and prospecting for landlords."

Cole Werkheiser 
Sales and Leasing Associate


Are you looking for a new space for your retail business? Is your current location just not cutting it? Retailsphere’s industry-leading data can help you find the cool new areas to move your business, plus connect with brokers ready to sign new leases immediately. Take the next step and find a hot new spot that will help your business thrive.

Service Providers

Use our platform to target new businesses that could use your services. Whether you’re a developer, equipment supplier, or something else entirely, our platform can link you with new businesses that can use your services. Get the jump on potential new clients before your competition even has a chance. Be there first with Retailsphere.
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