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Retailsphere’s tools were made specifically to help your shopping center fill vacant spaces by giving you access to information and contacts for ideal retails, helping you close deals quicker.

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You sign a lease that you know isn’t quite right, but you need to fill the space. Sound like your typical lease? With Retailsphere, you’ll have the data you need to find and connect with retailers that are right for your location. This means less turn over, better customer traffic, and longer term tenants.

Accurate & Up to date data

There are a lot of places you can get a list of retailer contacts, but are they correct? Are they up to date? Are those retailers even a good fit?

With Retailsphere, we give you retailer backgrounds, specific units, social insights, reviews, photos, and accurate contact information for the people who make leasing decisions

Data on National, Regional, and Multi-Unit Brands

Typically, expanding retailer lists only include large national and franchise information.

With Retailsphere, we provide regional and local multi-unit brand data. This means you can fill your vacant spaces with tenants that make more sense for your area.

Shopping Center Comparables

Our list of retailer units lets you drill down to the specific shopping centers where they are already located. You can compare your metrics to theirs, so you know if your location would be a good fit for that retailer before you even reach out. Knowing you fit their set of needs means closing the lease faster.

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