Crypto Analyst Predicts 430% Rally For Ethereum, Says Bitcoin Flippening Likely

According to the CEO, Bitcoin’s primary use case is the store of value, while Ether’s major use case is yield farming, the practice of staking or locking up crypto in return for rewards. I also believe that in the long-term Ethereum has high likelyhood flippening BTC's market cap. I do believe however that it won't happen in this bull cycle, but perhaps in the next one. That is, if EIP-1559, sharding, PoS change etc get implemented successfully, securely and on time. Ethereum is currently paying more money per unit of time to miners than Bitcoin. Ethereum has higher ledger costliness than Bitcoin, meaning it has higher settlement flippened assurances under this measurement. It’s often touted that BTC is the hardest, soundest money the world has ever seen up to this point. This is likely true; the digital asset has an immaculate conception that arguably can never be replicated again paired with a strict, programmatic monetary policy . What kind of crypto investors would we be if we didn’t try to predict the trajectory of the two most important crypto assets? Still, projects using this method of fundraising are going to sell some of the ether tokens they raise to pay for development, he said, meaning sell pressure could increase should this begin in earnest.

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Conclusion: Yes, Dogecoin Can Reach $10
Due to the exponential nature of the network effect, which is the main driver of Dogecoins price, it is possible for Dogecoin to reach ten dollars. However, due to the large supply, which is ever-increasing, the market cap would have to grow larger than 1.3 trillion USD.

He also engages with teams on token economic & governance design through🔥_🔥, working with industry-leading projects likeAave,Balancer,Gitcoin, Rocket Pool, and others. It’s how confident you can be that your transaction won’t be reverted once it’s verified on-chain. This is really important, especially for those aligned with Cypherpunk ideals! People want an economic system that is resistant to rollbacks, reversions, etc. He believes that this is one of the primary things to consider when evaluating any public blockchain. This is because settlement assurances directly translates to the security of a blockchain.

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Ethereum is slowly progressing from the less scalable Proof-of-Work consensus toward Proof-of-Stake, leaving behind congestion and enormous transaction fees. Based on this, The situation has resulted in a number of different ideas floating around as to why Musk made this decision. Some argue that the U.S. government could be the motive behind the move, as BTC could potentially threaten the USD. Remember that Musk has plenty of dealings with the government – subsidies, green credits, and a SpaceX contract. Musk, afterall, is known to leverage nearly $5 billion in government subsidies.


This was an inflection point for the crypto ecosystem as it was the first time in crypto’s history that another network had greater settlement assurances than Bitcoin under this measurement. The Flippening is arguably one of the most controversial events in crypto. Bitcoin has held the throne for most valuable crypto asset by market cap for over a decade now. And the idea that Ethereum, or any other competitor, will overtake the #1 spot naturally sparks debate among the tradeallcryptomunity. The term Flippening was colloquially coined in 2017 and refers to the possibility of the market capitalization of Ethereum overtaking the market capitalization of Bitcoin . Therefore, the term describes the hypothetical moment in the future when Ethereum becomes the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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Currently, blocks in bitcoin's blockchain can only include up to 1 MB of transaction date, meaning that they can only process a fixed number of exchanges. Behind the pseudonym, I'm a digital media executive and global remote work leader with a decade of content experience and excellence. Here, I explore my newfound passions pertaining to privacy, finance, economics, politics, cryptography, property rights, and other libertarian-esque views. It hasn't yet clicked for me as to how to put anything to use, but I consider it my current rabbit hole I can't yet dig out of.


Welcome to this cryptocurrency podcast with Philip Gradwell, Chief Economist at Chainalysis, a provider of blockchain intelligence and compliance solutions to businesses and law enforcement. The interview covers a range of topics including how Bitcoin is used, how much might be lost forever, its concentration among top crypto exchanges, and the true scale of illicit activity occurring on the network. Welcome to this cryptocurrency podcast with JP Thieriot, CEO of Uphold, a platform that lets users hold, spend, and instantly exchange assets like cryptocurrencies, fiat, and gold. Uphold also serves as Brave’s default wallet for holding Basic Attention Token or BAT. There will surely be quite a bit of discussion and debate around what the recent bull run in ether means for the longer term maturation of the crypto and blockchain space. That said, and setting aside the price volatility that continues to exist across the crypto space, there are a few fundamental questions that are starting to drive the wider conversation forward. It is far too early to say what prices will finally settle at for various crypto, how new applications will develop, or which options will move to the forefront. Regardless, the breadth of creativity and innovation should be celebrated.

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Such systems are vulnerable to attacks as they have a single point of failure. While there have been many attempts at creating a digital currency, bitcoin is by far the most successful. It is also the inspiration for every cryptocurrency that came after it. However, there are some other coins doing very well, and it is thought that ethereum or bitcoin cash will cause the flippening. Because the first major cryptocurrency was bitcoin, the prices and technology of most other cryptocurrencies have been compared and aligned to bitcoin. Overall, the Polygon network is currently lagging behind Uniswap by one rank, with $5.78 billion TVL compared to Uniswap’s $7.13 billion.

The DeFi movement has the potential to transform the world as it offers alternative financial solutions on a global scale, and allows users to do more with their tokens than simply as a store of value. As of the end of June 2021, Uniswap has a total value locked of about $5b. Crypto Tax Software — Top 5 Best Bitcoin Tax Calculators Whether you’re new to crypto or if you have been in the space for a while, you’ll need to pay taxes. Unlike in traditional organizations, the bylaws of a DAO are hard-coded in smart contracts and is absolute law. Once deployed, no changes may be made except by consensus. Members’ votes are tallied, and changes are implemented automatically without the need for an intermediary. A smart contract is a set of instructions written in computer code that runs automatically all parts of an agreement and may be used to automate the agreement between parties. This completely removes the need for an intermediary since the outcome is pre-determined.

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Simply put, Ethereum offers an attractive ecosystem filled with economic and social opportunities that are worth paying for. There can never be more than 21M bitcoins of which over 19M have already been minted. Its limited supply, in addition to its simplicity and acceptance makes it increasingly attractive to institutional investors. In traditional organizations, starting a business with other people is trust-based, and is sometimes, fraught with problems and risks especially when money is involved. DAOs are entities run by a community of people with shared goals without a centralized leadership or hierarchy. In my country Nigeria, two common reasons people don’t vote are 1. Lack of belief in the electoral system and fairness of elections. It is widely believed that the violence is a strategy to suppress voter turnout as it ensures many of the individuals out on the streets are people paid to cause chaos in opposition areas, and to vote a certain way. We notice the exclusion of middlemen and intermediaries is a running theme when it comes to the blockchain.

How much could Bitcoin be worth in the future?

Yes, technically, you can day trade in Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin isn't traded on the stock market but bought and sold on crypto exchanges, like Coinbase or tradeallcrypto. So you'll need to choose your exchange first thing.

Nothing mentioned in this article constitutes any type of solicitation, recommendation, offer or endorsement to buy and sell any crypto asset. Trading in any financial market involves risk and can result in loss of funds. Before investing any money, one should always conduct thorough research and seek professional advice. Some market observers emphasized the key role played by token sales when explaining why ether's market cap might surpass that of bitcoin's. Each week we discuss the cryptocurrency economy, new investment strategies for maximizing returns, and stories from the front lines of financial disruption. tradeallcrypto Smart Chain stepped in to fill the congestion gap, achieving 600% more daily transactions than Ethereum during the same period. Such a surge in popularity from a direct competitor speaks of the treasure Ethereum holds – smart contracts.

September 7, 2022
Gary Stevens

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