Expanding Retailers Posts

Expanding Retailers in New Hampshire

Retail hardships are nothing new. But now, retailers in the food industry have a different story and are thriving amid the pandemic. We're sharing three businesses within the food industry expanding this year in New Hampshire. Tuscan Village Starting in 2019, Salem, New Hampshire, began building a 2.8 million square foot area for a mixed-use […]

Pennsylvania Quickly Becoming an Expansion Hotspot

The retail market in Pennsylvania continues to attract a host of new and expanding retailers, despite the pandemic slowdown. As the fifth-most populous state in the union with roughly 13 million residents, Pennsylvania remains a magnet for the latest concepts. A litany of new tenants are coming aboard Fashion District Philadelphia, a redevelopment of the […]

The Retail Boom is Here (Really!)

It’s been a long, tough road back for the retail sector, which struggled even before COVID-19 accelerated consumers’ reliance on e-commerce. But with weaker players purged — and landlords right-sizing rents — for the first time in years, retailers are opening more stores than they’re closing. Based on outreach by the Retailsphere research team, it […]

TOP 5 Ice Cream Retailers for your Shopping Center

Is it just us, or is ice cream perfect for any occasion? Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or frankly any event, ice cream is a staple in many homes throughout the United States, especially now with new flavors coming to the surface. We're sharing the top five ice cream retailers. Consider bringing an ice cream […]

The Top Vegan Restaurants to Fill Your Empty Spaces

Vegan is considered a voluntary diet choice, but it’s not just the fad diet of the year (I’m talking about you, KETO). Veganism is a lifestyle, and it’s popularity is expanding rapidly. Based on the desire to be more conscious of food sources, compassionate to animals, and overall wellness are just some of the key […]

The Top Coworking Spaces

The pandemic struck a lighting bolt through many aspects of daily routine, notably the workplace. Masses of the workforce transitioned to working from home. Many realized the wonderful benefits of working from home: No more commute, business attire substituted with always comfortable attire, and less money spent buying lunches. Coexisting with work-from-home doesn't free you […]

Retailers continue to expand in Maryland

Everyday, another store closes. Big retailers are declaring bankruptcy and signaling another round of closures. The whole retail industry is in flux. Despite the pandemic and depletion of some retailers on the scene, other retailers are swooping in capitalizing by announcing expansion.  The old adage, “When one door closes, another one opens” becomes literal in […]

Expanding Retailers in Utah

As Utah’s population speedily increases, the demand for more retail increases. Utah is currently experiencing exponential growth and retailers are expanding to multiple locations in 2021.  Utah has continually and rapidly grown in population size. According to data collected from the Census, Utah has the highest growth percentage for population in the nation. Tech industries […]

Nike Expands with 30 Additional Stores

2020 challenged retail across the board and forced brands to pivot, stretch, and change in order to find new ways to connect with customers. With the new year, wise brands are not seeing the hope on the horizon as a signal to reset back to their old ways, but rather using their 2020 adaptations to […]
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